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The Head of Marketing Operations is in charge of the entire marketing operations department. He oversees the execution of functions by the Marketing Operations Manager and the Senior Marketing Operations Manager as well as all operational aspects of marketing initiatives of the business. The Head of Marketing Operations also manages the performance and optimization of the marketing department’s effectiveness in order to guide the business’s commercial efforts.

The Head of Marketing Operations focuses on the continuous improvement and ongoing success of all marketing programs. The Head of Marketing Operations understands best practices across the business-marketing industry and spearheads consistent updating of marketing operations programs and the marketing department personnel as well.

Objectives and Responsibilities of the Head of Marketing Operations

Leadership: The first and most prominent role of the Head of Marketing Operations is his leadership role to the marketing operations department. At this capacity, the Head of Marketing Operations provides additional support to the leadership of the Director of Marketing Operations and the Chief Marketing Officer. The Head of Marketing Operations leads the overall marketing strategy planning. He is also in charge of identifying, selecting, engaging, and managing vendor relationships, working closely with these in order to review and approve marketing tools.

In his leadership position, the Head of Marketing Operations is also tasked with defining and managing the brand marketing calendar and ensuring that it is always aligned with sales efforts and the business’s overall goals and objectives. The Head of Marketing Operations drives continuous efficiency and improvement within the marketing operations department and expands personnel capabilities. He establishes operational processes and manages work, creating clarity of roles and responsibilities, and defining workflows.

In this capacity, the Head of Marketing Operations also provides leadership and support to programs and campaigns, which results in more efficient program processes. As the leader of the marketing operations department, the Head of Marketing Operations, in conjunction with senior marketing operations management, develops and maintains detailed plans for key campaign and programs, reporting dashboards, workflow tools, documentation, and tracking.

The Head of Marketing Operations also plays a leading role in departmental financial affairs and collaborates with senior marketing operations management and the financial department in order to determine budgetary allocations approaches within the department.

Strategy: The Head of Marketing Operations plays a major strategic role, where he is in responsible for the definition, automation, and streamlining of marketing operation processes, transitioning them from mere marketing strategies into real marketing assets. He develops and continuously improves tools that are necessary in the planning and execution of successful, broad, and highly targeted campaigns and adjusts future financial strategies based on the department’s past financial performance.

Analytics: The Head of Marketing Operations continuously tests and evaluates marketing tactics and strategies in the acquisition of new consumers, for example through the setting up of A/B test programs. He also conducts analyses while working with the business’s marketing analytics department in order to determine value of acquisition and program optimization efforts. At this capacity, the Head of Marketing Operations also spearheads the development of analytical tools and processes that drive efficiency in media channels and platforms such as Google AdWords across the entire marketing department.

Collaboration: The role of the Head of Marketing Operations is also a collaborative one. The Head of Marketing Operations partners with the IT department for the purpose of optimizing CRM systems, marketing technologies, meta-data management, website and online page improvements, direct mail production, etc.

He also works closely with the sales team, senior marketing operations management, and key stakeholders in continuously optimizing the effectiveness of the marketing programs and campaigns and ensuring that marketing and sales efforts stay aligned with the business’s overall goals and objectives.

Other Duties: The Head of Marketing Operations also performs other duties as he deems necessary for the proper execution of his functions and duties as assigned by the Director of Marketing Operations, the Chief of Marketing Operations, or the Employer.

Required Qualifications of the Head of Marketing Operations

Education: The Head of Marketing Operations must have a master’s degree (Phd preferred) in a business related or technical field, for example, Marketing, Information Technology, Computer Science, Business Administration, Public Relations, or any other related field. The equivalent of this in working experience is also acceptable.

Experience: A candidate for this position must have had at least 10 years of working experience working in a managerial marketing position within a complex, fast-paced, and highly competitive environment, preferably working as a Senior Marketing Operations. The candidate will also have a proven and successful experience in project management and program improvement, having constructed plans that are demonstrable in understanding critical marketing paths and task dependencies.

A suitable candidate will also have a proven and successful experience leading a team to the successful completion of a marketing program/campaign from its conceptualization to the achievement of its objectives. The candidate will demonstrate experience not only in online marketing strategies but also in offline/traditional strategies. As a bonus the candidate will also have had experience in a financial position for a marketing program of high-value.

Analytical/Technical Skills: The Head of Marketing Operations must also portray interest and skill in data analyses and insights that result from such analyses. The candidate must demonstrate an ability to improve a business’s marketing operations performance through seeking out opportunities and applying cutting-edge technical skills and directing the marketing department in the smooth shifting of gears between approaches and methods. The Head of Marketing Operations will have an ability to solve program and campaign issues by proactively seeking and analyzing relevant data. A candidate for this position will similarly show proficiency in tools such as Google Analytics, WordPress, Facebook ads, Google AdWords, among others.

Communication Skills: Communication skills are a necessity for this position, both in verbal and in written form. The effectiveness and performance of the marketing operations department is highly dependent on the clarity of information and instructions conveyed by the Head of Marketing Operations.

Communication skills are also important in collaborative settings and in the preparation of analysis reports for senior marketing operations management and stakeholders for decision-making purposes. The candidate must, therefore, be skilled enough in communication, to be able to convey even complex messages and concepts to his audience in a simple, clear, relatable, unambiguous, and convincing manner.

Ms Office/Platforms:The Head of Marketing Operations must also be extremely proficient in Ms Word, PowerPoint, and Ms Excel, being necessary in the creation of visually and verbally engaging reports and presentations. He will also demonstrate proficiency in Google Analytics, LinkedIn ads, Google AdWords WordPress, Facebook ads, and Twitter ads.

Interpersonal Skills:The Head of Marketing must also possess additional characteristics that make him more suited for the position and to aid in the proper execution of his duties. He will be a confident self-starter who can work both independently and with a team, be self-motivated and inspire the same in his team, be highly adaptable and flexible with an ability to change direction when needed.

The candidate must also be decisive, a strategic planner, manage multiple tasks and deadlines, have excellent problem-solving skills, have strong business and budgeting acumen, and display calmness and composure under stress or uncertainty, inspiring the same in his juniors.

Leadership/People Skills: The Head of Marketing Operations must also have an ability to effectively interact with, and relate to people at all levels of the business. He will have an ability to move and influence a group, moving the team into a common direction and with a common vision.

The Head of Marketing Operations must be a likeable and relatable individual who earns the trust of junior marketing operations and collaborative personnel as well as the trust of senior marketing operations management who will give credit to his insights and judgments, making the execution of functions much easier.

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